Eyebrow Lamination

This extremely popular treatment is a must add on to your treatment menu.

With a large profit margin and amazing results, transform your clients brows into full, fluffy, smooth and defined eyebrows using the latest techniques.

This course is fully accredited by ABT therefore is fully insurable. A certificate will be issued upon completion.

This course comes without a kit.  You can purchase kit by clicking this link.

Please ensure you always follow product manufacturers advice and instructions.

Case studies and a zoom call with a live model required.

Please note you must hold a Wax and Tint Qualification as a pre requisite to this course.

Once purchased please come back to this product page logged in and the course will be unlocked for you to begin.

Once you have completed you theory, please get in touch to book your zoom call.



During this course, we will teach you how to Laminate Eyebrows safely and professionally.
Eyebrow Lamination will give your clients a fuller brow, realigns the brows, creates volume and shape for up to two months.

Consultation & Patch Testing

Before carrying out any treatment, you should always carry out a thorough consultation. The most important aspect of this is to ensure that it is safe to carry out the treatment.


A contra-indication is a factor which will prevent you from carrying out your treatment, whilst contra-actions are things which may occur as a result of the treatment, either during or after it.

Contraindications Continued…

A contra-indication is a factor which will prevent you from carrying out your treatment, whilst contra-actions are things which may occur as a result of the treatment, either during or after it.


A contra-action can occur during or after any beauty or holistic treatment.


A hair is an appendage of the skin. It grows out of, and is part of the skin, and is made up of dead skin cells containing keratin.

The Skin

The skin is one of the largest organs in the body and consists of tissues which are joined together to perform specific functions. It is an epithelial tissue that can be used by therapists and to assess their client’s condition, as it can show signs of stress, dehydration or poor health. The skin has a […]

The Eye

-Iris: regulates the amount of light that enters your eye. It forms the coloured, visible part of your eye in front of the lens. Light enters through a central opening called the pupil. -Pupil: the circular opening in the centre of the iris through which light passes into the lens of the eye. The iris […]


Before commencing the treatment, you will need to have the following pieces of equipment: Couch Ring Light or equivalent Couch cover Disposable couch roll Equipment trolley Mirror Headband Cotton wool Pads Dappen Dish Orange sticks Microbrushes Y Combs Brow Laminating Products to include; Perming Lotion, Setting Lotion, nourishing lotion. Adhesive (water soluble) Tint Applicator brush […]

The Treatment: Application

Before starting the treatment, you should ensure that the client knows what to expect from the treatment and understands what results to expect. You MUST follow Manufacturers guidelines at all times as different manufacturers’ guidelines may vary. -Cleanse eyebrows and surrounding area thoroughly using a non oily cleanser -Apply a generous amount of your adhesive […]

The Treatment: Aftercare

Once the treatment has been completed you should check that the client is happy before giving them aftercare advice. This should be clear and thorough, and where possible this should be given in writing. This can include advising the client about any retail products which may be beneficial to them. For example brow oil. Aftercare […]


It is extremely important that you obtain insurance from a reputable insurance company. This will also cover you for any loss or damage to your products, earnings or property. This will then cover you for any claims that you might have made against you. Here are just some recommendations. ABT www.abtinsurance.co.uk THE GUILD www.beautyguild.com PROFESSIONAL […]

Questions, Case Studies and Zoom Call

To obtain your full qualification you must complete case studies and complete a zoom assessment whilst working on a live model. To book your zoom call please contact Laura via WhatsApp on 07901765331. For Brow Lamination we require a minimum of 2 case studies and one video call. Please note all students vary and there […]